Dr RAG Holmes Yass Music Club Scholarship Policy

The purpose of the Dr RAG Holmes Yass Music Club scholarship scheme is to give financial support to young Yass and district students through music education.
To qualify for the scheme the applicant should be:
• a resident of Yass and district;
• in year 10, 11 or 12; and
• actively involved in music education.
If the number of applications is low, students in year 9 may be considered.
To receive a scholarship students must agree to:
• inform the club how the funds are to be used;
• participate in a Gold Coin concert arranged by the club;
• attend a concert to receive the Certificate of Participation; and
• support club activities.
Year 9 (if applicable), 10 and 11 students who fulfil all the requirements of the scholarship scheme will progress into the next year of the scholarship.
If a student does not comply with the scholarship requirements, future funding may be withdrawn or a new application may be requested for the following year.
The financing of the Yass Music Club scholarship scheme is dependent on the Glenlothian Education Fund so the amount each student receives may fluctuate. However, the club will endeavour to allocate all the funds granted to the Yass Music Club between the successful applicants.
Students in years 11 or 12 will generally receive more than other students.

For more information on joining the programme  click the Scholarship Application Guidelines