Our 2018 Scholars



As a year 12 student, Sarah Giddy is in her final year of the Scholarship. She has learned piano for 10 years and violin for 8 years. Her other interests include bird watching, art and creative writing.

“I have always enjoyed music and I hope to continue playing for the rest of my life”. Sarah’s teacher is Arnan Weisel.



Grace Mather is also in year 12 and joined the Scholarship Scheme in 2017. She has played the saxophone for 6 years and her teacher is Bryan Hooley. Her other interests include reading drawing and singing.

Gracie says … “playing saxophone has always been a way to relax for me …. and will continue to be a hobby”



Geena Elliott is a year 11 student and she loves to sing. She also accompanies herself on guitar and piano.  Her other interests include playing rugby league, animals, food and fashion.

Geena has performed at the Turning Wave festival and this year is performing in the production ‘Grease’ at the Canberra Theatre.

Geena said .… “ music is a powerful form of communication and it has always been a part of my life”


Becky Wright

This is Becky Wright’s first year in the RAG Holmes Scholarship scheme. She is in year 10 and has been learning piano with Margaret Hanson for 5 years. Her other main interest is tennis which she not only plays but also teaches.

Becky said “I have adored music all of my life and never want to stop playing”.



Niamh Kelly is in year 10 and has been learning piano for 8 years. She is currently studying level 6 and 7 and her teacher is Margaret Hanson. Niamh’s other interests include horse riding, learning French and art.

Niamh said …. “ I enjoy my music immensely”.



Wendy Morton has two main loves in her life. Her main instrument is piano which she has been learning for 7 years but she has also been learning to play the violin for 6 years.  The guitar and ukulele are also included in her musical interests and she said she “ loves to put on concerts with her brother for the family”.

Not only does Wendy enjoy music but her other interests include horse riding soccer, netball and dance.